Tanjore Nritya Shala is following the objects and principles laid down by late Guru Shri Kubernath Tanjorkar under the able guidance of his son-disciple Gurushri Ramesh Tanjorkar and daughter-in-law Gurusmt.Leela Tanjorkar and their family and students at present.The teaching of Bharatnatyam is totally based on Guru-Shishya Parampara i.e. Gurukul System. A priority is given presently on task of taking challenge by our institute, is to harmonize between the traditional Guru-Shishya parampara and modern system and make young generation to understand the importance and value of Gurukulasampradaya.

The Gurukul training of Bharatnatyam through the original Bharatnatyam Gharana is in 4 ‘S’ object system which is as under:-

S….SOLO….infrastructure development of individual for talented presentation

S….SHRINGAR….Shringar bhava  particularly as major in bhakti creating Aesthetic impression by Shiringara Bhava itself and Melodious music

S….SHORT…..Short Shollukattu(rhythm)

S…Speed of performance is developed in students with unique Nattuvangam, to create tempo in dance.

 Our Institute’s other training Specialities:

 Class Course including Government Examination:

1)      Arambha Pramanpatra – Basic Certificate Course

Eligibility : Minimum 5 Years of age

Duration : 3 Years  (1st Year, 2nd Year & 3rd Year)

Government Examination : Sangeet Parichay,Prarambik and Praveshika Pratham

2)      Nritta Padavika – Junior Diploma

Eligibility : Minimum 8 Years of age for Class students and 10 Years of age for outside Students.

For outside students, they should have completed their Prarambik and Praveshika Purna Examination.

Duration : 2 Years (4th Year & 5th Year)

Government Examination: Praveshika Purna and Madhyama Pratham Examination.

3)      Abhinaya Padavika – Senior Diploma

Eligibility : Minimum 12 Years of age for class students and 15 Years of age for outside Students

For outside students,they should have completed their Praveshika Purna Examination

Duration : 3 Years (6th Year,7th Year & 8th Year)

Government Examination : Madhyama Purna, Visharad Pratham & Visharad Purna Examination.

4)      Nrityangana Padavi – Arangetral Certificate

Eligibility: Minimum 12 years of age for class students and 15 years of age for outside students

For outside students  they should have completed Madhyama Pratham and part of Varnam need to be completed.

Duration : Minimum of 1 year (Depends upon student efforts, attendance and grasping ability)

5)      Prajnya Padavi – Nrityacharya

Eligibility: Minimum of 20 Years of age, Completed Arangetral under the Institute, Should have performed in National and International level with the Tanjore Performing Group of Tanjore Nritya Shala after their Arangetral.