• Madhrashtakam in Bharatnatyam - A unique composition by Guruvarya Kubernathji
  • It is true that the eminent Dance and Music exponents always experience that their unique compositions become very popular only when they find themselves getting miraculously something like super power and energy from almighty, during the labor time of their composition. Our renowned classical dance Bharatnatyam Gurushri Kubernathji also experienced like this several times.

    Gurushri Kubernathji’s famous composition Madhurashtakam in Bharatnatyam was  made with above experience. Quite long years back a very huge Vaishnav Samaj Festival was held in Vadodara. During the time of this festival the Parampujya Damodarlalji came to residence of Guru Kubernathji and asked him to compose Madhurashtakam in Bharatnatyam Dance. A very short time of 8 days for the grand festival was remaining and Gurushri Kubernathji was hesitating to give the commitment to complete the item. Param Pujya Damodarlalji said that this commandment he got from almighty and therefore there would not be any obstacle or hindrance in getting composition completed by him. Gurushri Kubernathji had no other alternative as it was as good as order by Parampujya Damodarlalji.

    It was really miracle that Madhurashtakam was composed very successfully in Bharatnatyam by Gurushri Kubernathji and the same item is very very popular today also. Previously Madhurashtakam in Bharatnatyam was presented in solo or dual but astonishingly this item is presented even in group at present by Gurushri Ramesh Kubernath Tanjorkar. However each stanza of the poem narrates about separate incident of Lord Krishna and such incident is presented in centre of the group one after another individually by each artists. This added more colour to the composition of Madhurashtakam in Bharatnatyam.