• Legendary Kumbakonam Azhaganambia Pillai
  • Born in a musical family, Azhaganambia Pillai in those days was a famous accompanist and was very popular with artistes and the public. Although he lost one of his eyes due to smallpox when he was young, he showed immense interest and dedication towards the art and become one of the legend in Mridangam. His style was noted for clarity, beauty and dexterity, thus enhancing the standard of concerts.

    Guru Shri Kubernath Tanjorkar learnt Mridangam also under the  legend Kumbakonam Azhaganambia Pillai.

  • Tanjore Balasaraswati - Queen of Abhinaya
  • Tanjore Balasaraswati,(1918 – 1984) who is known as “Queen of Abhinaya” the name without which the History of Bharatnatyam would not be complete. The real expression of SHRINGAR  RASA was her masterpiece. She did her Arangetral at the age of 7 in 1925 under the distinguished dance teacher K. Kandappan Pillai, a member of the famed Thanjavur Nattuvanar family. She was the Grand Daughter of legendry Veenai Dhanammal. She was considered as doyen of this art form all over the world.

  • Sri P.V. Subramaniam - Veteran Classical Dance & Music critic
  • If somebody wants to know the correct meaning of word “CRITIC”, it was “P.V. SUBRAMANIAM” (1917- 2007), popularly was known as ‘Subbudu’. It is he who said what he saw, what he felt without bothering what the artist, public or anybody would feel. He was fearless. He suffered a lot for his this quality but never made any compromise. He fought in this way till his last breath. He will be always remembered as Unconquered King of Critic of Classical Dance and Music. Now a day’s such impartial critic are rarely found.